Tools for fiber optic handling

 #1 Fiber stripper in the world

JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole
Three hole Fiber Optic Stripper
Strips the 1.6-3mm jacket down to 600-900micron
Strips the 600-900 micron down to the 250 micron.
Strip the 250 micron down to the glass
 fiber without scratches

Visual Fault Locator

VFL-150  Visual Fault Locator

Include adapter for 1.25mm.
650nm Class IIIA 
60 hours of battery by two AAA batteries((Include) .

NTT AT Optical Connector Polisher ATP-3200

Achieving both high polishing performance and
low running costs. Up to 96 connectors in once 

AFL PowerStrip®

The AFL PowerStrip® is a thermal stripper used in high strength splicing.

Thermal Stripper, Adjustable Blade

Adjustable Blade Thermal Stripper for optical fibers
with cladding diameters from 30µm to 1000µm