Telecoms PM fibers

For EDFA pumps, Raman pump Lyot depolarizers and telecommunications applications

• Ultra-short beat-length variants for superior polarization performance
• Splice compatible with both standard SM fibers and other PM fibers
•  Tested in accordance with Telecordia GR-20-CORE
• Excellent geometry for splicing

Multicore Fiber

  • Simultaneous transmission of different signals down different cores
  • Photosensitive core designs for FBG inscription
  • Suitable for 3D shape sensing applications using Spum Multicore Fiber SSM-7C1500(6.1/125)
  • Custom designs possible – more cores, mismatched cores, different core positions

ZBLAN Fluoride Glass Fibers & Cables

FiberLabs manufactures and offers various types of ZBLAN fluoride fibers: single mode fiber, multimode fiber, double cladding fiber, and rare earth doped fiber. ZBLAN fluoride optical fibers consist of ZrF4/BaF2/LaF3/AlF3/NaF and transmit the wide wavelength range light from visible to mid-infrared up to 4 μm. In addition, the fibers doped with rare earth elements efficiently emit the lights in the wavelength bands of 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1460 nm, 2800 nm, etc. These features can be applied in infrared spectroscopy, infrared laser guides, fiber lasers, and optical fiber amplifiers.

AlF3-based Fluoride Glass Fiber & Cable

The AlF3-based fibers are multi-component fluoride glass fibers with main component of AlF3. They are superior for laser damage thresholds and water resistance compared to ZBLAN fluoride fibers and have smaller transmission loss than that of GeO2 fibers at 2.9μm. They have already been used around the worlds as optical guides for 2.94 μm Er-YAG laser treatment equipments. In addition, they are also used as an optical guide for mid-infrared spectroscopy because of the wide transparent window from 0.3 to 3.5 μm.

FiberLabs inc. has been offering fluoride fibers, cables and bundels