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New LDF cleaver

The CT-104 is to address medium fibers with claddings of 80-600 µm. It offers superior cleaving , with a manual fiber clamping system. The CT-104 is designed to work with Fujikura’s FH-100-series fiber holders. 

Sumix MPO digital probe

SMX-Manta is a handheld microscope probe primarily designed for testing MTP/MPO and SMA connectors. The probe can be used for visual inspection of the connector end-face for scratches, defects and contamination and for automatic Pass/ Fail testing.

Kingfisher Optical test equipmen

מדי הספק/מקורות אור. תעודת כיול  עד 5 שנים , דיוק של 1%. 


The home of Fiber Optics Applications & Beyond

The new AQ6376 OSA covers wavelengths from 1500 to 3400nm 

The AQ6376 combines the high optical performance of tailored-made build-to-specs expensive instruments with the ease of use and reduced maintenance costs of the all-in-one cost-effective but low performance  FT-OSAs.

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